Located on the Lake of Lugano, in the Italian part of Switzerland, Flarer is an independent trading company, which operates mainly in Italy and Switzerland.


We exclusively represent  manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetic active ingredients,  standardized plant extracts and, given our specific experience, modified-release and other particular finished pharmaceutical products (MDI, DPI, pharmaceutical gum , controlled release drug both oral and injectable). In addition, we represent companies producing  pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging and laboratory glassware.


 Through our subsidiaries DOCUMEDICA and PHARMAPROGRESS, we offer pre-formulation and formulation studies, development and validation of analytical methods (HPLC) stability and photostability studies (ICH).



Alberto Salini

Managing Director

Stefano Salini


Sales managers

Alex Bolognini

Riccardo Fontana


Quality Assurance

Martina Botta


Executive Assistant

Jolanda Bernasconi

Laura Ossola

Davide Longatti



Cinzia Ossola

Raffaele Coltella